Fishing, Photography, Tackle


Thetightline magazine is a free publication we put together for you to enjoy reading. We try and get an issue out as often as possible so stay tuned for the next issue!!

Back Issues:


View Vol 7- Features NZ Trout, Light Tackle techniques, Jigging the Tropics and a feature on the Australian Lure Show.

View Vol 6- Features a expedition to the Montebellos and all the new gear at the 2012 Osaka Tackle Show.

View Vol 5- Features articles on Borumba Saratoga, Big Brown Trout and a trip to Christmas Island.

View Vol 4- Features articles on Kingfish Jigging, Bream Techniques and Hunting Big Barramundi.

View Vol 3- Features articles on Squid, PNG Black Bass, Threadfin Salmon and Light Tackle Trevally.

View Vol 2- 60 pages of all things tackle from the 2010 Osaka Tackle Show.

View Vol 1- The debut issue featuring articles on bream, bass, mangrove jack and spottie mackerel.


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